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Managing Your Career: Professional Development Through Self-Accountability

1.5 ACHE Qualified Credits

Please join us for a virtual event that will focus on the value of holding oneself accountable for personal development. Learn strategies for how to unlock individual potential and methods and tools for self- assessment that can be used to become a better leader.

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Wednesday, February 15 Zoom Virtual Webinar FREE!

6:00- 7:30 PM EST

Meet the Panelist: Walter Dusseldorp

I’m passionate about assisting technical people, emerging leaders, and high performers to close the gap so they can be highly effective Servant Leaders who are set up for success.

For me, this work is deeply personal. As a medical professional who was technically skilled, I struggled to find the support I needed to lead my team effectively. What little training was available was inadequate for developing the behaviors and habits to drive better performance and outcomes.

Now, I offer mentorship and training to support emerging leaders so they can go further in their careers — without the frustration I felt.

As an Author, Thought Leader, and Healthcare Business Consultant, I have more than 25 years of experience developing high-performance teams. I focus on building strong operational structures based on empowered local leadership teams. Utilizing my proven strategy known as “Operational Rhythm,” I help leaders and organizations balance Inspirational Leadership and Operational Effectiveness.

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