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Spotlight on Fall Congress 2021 Programs

Reinventing Customer Service in Healthcare: Lessons Learned from the Best

Organizational success relies on leaders with the vision, determination and courage to pilot various means of enhancing the patient experience; panelists will share their expertise in service excellence.

Physician-Hospital Integration in the 21st Century

The relationship between hospitals and their medical staffs has changed throughout the years from independence to interdependence. Learn and discuss the key factors driving integration, effective strategies for integration and the financial and legal issues that arise.

Leading People Who Are More Experience Than You

Leadership and leading others is more of an art than a science, especially in healthcare. Learn guiding principles and concepts for healthcare leadership from executives’ personal experience and management mistakes.

Implementing a Strategic Plan for Successful Operations

Without effective implementation, a strategic plan may be no more than a fancy binder on a shelf. Leaders face many challenges to get organization-wide buy in; panelists will share how best to identify, involve and gain buy-in from key stakeholders, set up a framework for accountability, monitor and measure progress, address potential roadblocks; and review and revise the plan.

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