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Jill Huck


Danny Demetrops,

Vice Chair

This committee is responsible for all activities related to understanding the needs and professional goals of the members and contributing to chapter growth through recruitment of new members and retention of existing members .


Responsibilities may include creating, conducting, and analyzing membership surveys, creating and maintaining a new member outreach program, updating the member value proposition statement, and coordinating outreach to all subsections of members in conjunction with other committees.


Membership Committee Members


Dariya Golan
John Hemphill
Matthew Rivera
Michael Schwarz
Bhumika Soni
Alexis Chan

Caitlyn Coyle
Desai, Anamika
Feny Patel
Golove, Jeff 
Halu, Emily E.
Kerry Walsh


Join us at one of our 6 networking events throughout the year!

Our annual Tommy's Event is coming up in July and details will be out shortly. If you have any questions or interest in the upcoming events, please reach out to the membership team!

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