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Fall 2021 

How do you, the members of ACHE-NJ, define value, and how does our chapter ensure its success now and into the future?

These were the two overarching themes at the chapter’s Strategic Planning Retreat on November 18th, with 24 leaders in attendance.

The strategic planning process follows a five step method and tracks to the Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence framework. The members of the Strategic Planning Committee, chaired by Céu Cirne-Neves, FACHE, facilitated the process and agenda, with key chapter leaders making presentations during the three-hour retreat.

Chapter President Harshal Shah, MBA, set the strategic direction and challenged the group to achieve the “Chapter of Excellence” performance level; I had the privilege of sharing the ACHE national imperatives, Mission, Vision, Values, and key initiatives; Saif Salim, DPT, FACHE, chair of the Membership Committee, presented the results of the recent membership survey with emphasis on segmenting “the voice of the customer;” President-Elect Anamika R. Desai, FACHE, presented the current chapter dashboard and financial landscape and highlighted areas of opportunity, and finally the chairs of key committees presented 2021 accomplishments: Communication, Andrew P. Donet; Education & Networking, Jugroop “Roopa” Hundal, MBA and Timothy Brown, MSHA; Sponsorship, Mary Egan, PhD; Mentorship & Member Advancement, Mary Therese Hankinson, FACHE, and Syed Rehman, FACHE.

The highlight of the retreat was a SWOT exercise, which resulted in a self-assessment around volunteer capacity and capability and strategic advantages and strategic challenges.


The retreat concluded with a call to action, with chairs agreeing to refresh goals and set out work plans and metrics in quarterly increments.


The new resolve to focus on strategy, structure and execution comes at a time when the chapter leadership is expanding their terms from 12 to 18 months, as part of a transition to the calendar year.

Thank you Céu for spearheading this important initiative!

Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season, 

Ruth K. Bash, FACHE
Regent, ACHE-NJ

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